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DeFi & NFT

Summit 2021

is a 2-days online business event dedicated to understanding Decentralized Finance, market and investment opportunities. It's a huge event that brings together investors, regulators, solution providers and subject matter experts to discuss, debate opportunities and challenges
in DeFi & NFT
DeFi & NFT Summit

8 core Event topics

Venture investments
We bring together investors, entrepreneurs and DeFi enthusiasts to network and discuss the future of the decentralized finance
DeFi Exchanges
Fresh news, what's going on in the market, what to expect, cases
DeFi Projects 2021
Meet the coolest projects in the DeFi industry. There is no better way to succeed than by skimming the cream off the most successful ones
Legasy & Regulation
Crypto represents a global phenomenon that blurs the lines between different jurisdictions and stakeholders
DeFi Financial Inclusion
Unbanking the Banked - financial-inclusion efforts using emerging DeFi technology are helping to empower unbanked and underbanked populations worldwide
DeFi Products
See the best awesome decentralized finance products, software, and resources
DeFi and Blockchain Games
What technical and business challenges have the Blockchain Games in 2021?
How can you earn today and maximize profit?
Global Tokenization
Explore the current and the future market outlook and get insight into the advantages and challenges of tokenization
The conference will be held in the English language. Speakers will be accompanied by a translation into the Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages
Compete in competencies, participate in the giveaway, ask the best questions, show your skills and knowledge in Decentralized Finance and win prizes from the summit sponsors.

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Who's attending

and others who are looking to learn, invest and network in the Decentralized Finance


Catherine Ross
Crypto News and Opinion Editor at Benzinga
Editor in chief Cointelegraph
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20+ speakers


Tejas Chopra
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
Joel Dietz
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DeFi & NFT

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Crypto Investor, Entrepreneur, Blogger
Co-founder of the first Crypto Community CryptoTime which involves 40,000 people
Co-founder of the first DigitalSummin2020
Co-founder of IT company - DeXStudio

Sergey Petryk

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Tejas works in the Data Storage Platform team at Netflix, where he is responsible for architecting storage solutions to support Netflix Studios and Netflix Streaming Platform.

Prior to Netflix, Tejas was working on designing and implementing the storage infrastructure at Box, Inc. to support a cloud content management platform that scales to petabytes of storage & millions of users.

Tejas has worked on distributed file systems & backend architectures, both in on-premise and cloud environments as part of several startups in his career, and his interests lie in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Tejas is an International Keynote Speaker and periodically conducts seminars on Software Development & Cloud Computing and has a Masters Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, with a specialization in Computer Systems.
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Intellectual Historian and Cyberfuturist

  • helped found several key initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, including Ethereum and MetaMask

  • is Founder and President of Swarm

  • founded the first smart contract educational channel and the first academic work on cryptoeconomics

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