Privacy Policy

If you complete the form on our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. You also
agree that we may disclose your personal data in the following cases:

1) Upon consent: in other cases, our Company will obtain your explicit consent
before transferring your personal information to third parties. For example, if our
Company engage in a joint offer or tender with a third party, then we will ask your
permission to share your personal information with the third party.

2) Companies acting on our behalf: we cooperate with other companies acting as
business support on our behalf and therefore your personal information may be
partly disclosed. We require such companies to use the information only for the
purpose of providing contractual services; they are prohibited from sharing this
information with other third parties in circumstances other than those required to
provide the agreed services to support our business, such as: completing orders,
processing requests, awarding prizes and bonuses, conducting customer surveys
and managing information systems. We also release generalized non-personified
information in selecting service providers.

3) Subsidiary and Joint Ventures: a subsidiary or joint venture is an entity where
the Company has an interest of at least 50%. Our Company prohibits the subsidiary
or joint venture partner to disclose your personal information for marketing
purposes and use it in any way that contrary to your choice. If you have indicated
that you do not want to receive any marketing materials from our Company, we
will not share your information with our subsidiary or joint venture partners for
marketing purposes.

4) Shared or Partner Pages: our Company is free to share information with partners
who implement special offers and promotional activities on the shared pages of our
website. Please note that if you are asked for personal information on such pages,
you will receive a warning about the transfer of information. Partner will use any
information you provide according to its own privacy notice, which you can read
before providing information about yourself.

5) Transfer of business control: our Company may disclose your personal data in
connection with the full or part sale, or transfer of our company or its assets. Our
Company will give you the opportunity to refuse to disclose personal information
in connection with the sale or transfer of business. In some cases it means that a
new entity may no longer be able to provide you with the services or products
previously provided by our Company.

6) Legal Enforcement: we may disclose personal information to third parties
without your consent for any of the following reasons: to avoid violating a law,
regulation or court order; to participate in government inquiries; to assist in fraud
prevention; or to enforce or protect the rights of the Company or its subsidiaries.
All personal information that you submit for registration on our website may be
changed at any time or completely deleted from our database at your request. For
this purpose you need to contact us by any convenient way, using the contact
information located in a special section on our website.
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